LAHORE The PML-Q and its dissidents, commonly known as Like-Minded and Forward Bloc, in Punjab Assembly, have reached a point where they are waging pitched battles against each other, as the Bloc had recently shown following of 47 members. On the other hand, the PML-Q has succeeded in grabbing back the support of at least one Bloc member. As PML-Qs Zafar Zulqarnain Sahi, along with other members including Chaudhary Zaheeruddin, submitted an application to the Speaker of the Punjab Assembly on Monday alleging that the architect of the Forward Bloc, Mian Atta Manika, organized fake signatures of Sahi on a Blocs application in which they had demanded independent status in the provincial assembly. Zafar Sahi categorically denied signing that application. He was talking to the media on the Opposition Chambers in the Punjab Assembly. He alleged that Manika organized his fake signatures and he has submitted an application with the Speaker demanding a stern action against him (Manika). Muhammad Rizwan, who was also part of the Forward Bloc sometime back and has joined the PML-Q, Amir Sultan Cheema, Shahzad Elahi, Seemal Kamran, and Amna Ulfat were also present. Chaudhary Zaheer on this occasion announced that PML-Q would soon submit more applications to Speaker regarding fake signatures. He said that the court had ordered the Election Commission to send the reference against Saba Sadiq, however the Commission hasnt taken any action so far and the PML-Q was considering moving an application of contempt. When contacted, Mian Atta Manika said that he hasnt acquire the signatures of forward bloc members and groups consensus candidate for parliamentary party leader, Dr. Tahir Ali Javed got the signatures of 47 members on a application for submitting the same to Speaker demanding independent status in the provincial assembly, however, he submitted the application. He said that the shaky leaders of PML-Q invited Muhammad Rizwan for moving an application to the Speaker, as Muhammad Rizwan was no more part of the forward bloc and not a signatory of the application, which the bloc members submitted to the Speaker few days back. Manika said that PML-Q leaders were alleging him for managing fake signature of one of the bloc members, as he was the initiator of forming the unification bloc and openly oppose the dictatorial attitude of Chaudharys to control the party. Meanwhile, a senior leader of PML-Q told this scribe seeking anonymity that top party leadership has become unnerved very after the forward bloc expressed its strength in Punjab Assembly and tasked some senior party leaders to grab the support as many as of bloc members at any cost and stage a media show for damage control. As the party was facing serious crisis on the increasing number of dissidents and at the same time the case of senior party leaders sibling, Chaudhary Moonis Elahi surfaced that was denting the party seriously.