KARACHI - Twin blasts at two different police stations rocked the city here on Monday. According to details, two bombs exploded near the walls of Eidgah and Shah Latif Town Police Stations at 9 a.m., which left a woman injured. Police officials said these low intensity blasts had not only damaged police stations but also dented buildings and houses in the surroundings. Investigators suspected the involvement of the group involved in the CID complex blast. They said that the blasts were carried out to spread panic among police personnel before 12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal. They dispelled the impression that the blasts were aimed at hurting police personnel, saying that the low intensity explosive was used just to create panic in the police rankers. It is pertinent to mention here that Shah Latif Police Station had earlier been targeted couple of years ago but the group of terrorists behind such sort of experimental blasts remained at large. According to SP Saddar Town Irshad Sehar and SP Bin Qasim Town Tanveer Alam Odho, the bombs blew up at the same time. They said the both blasts created two-to-three feet deep crater and damaged rooms, windows and outer walls of the police stations. They said the blasts caused minor injuries to a woman namely Fateh Bibi who was later shifted to Civil Hospital for treatment.