A forty-minute-long video has been released on internet in which four US marines have been shown relieving themselves on the corpses of three Afghans. Only a man with a mental aberration can do it and only a sadist can approve of such a nauseating and repulsive act. It is imperative to mention here that it is not known whether the mortal remains of the three Afghans are those of the common citizens or militants of Taliban. The barbarities of US marines visited upon the helpless Afghans are sufficient enough to asunder the heart of the most savage human being. On number of occasions the US soldiers have cut the lips, fingers noses and other body parts of the killed Afghans and distributed them as trophies and souvenirs among themselves. But the recent nasty act of urinating on the corpses has notched up a new record of inhumanity on the part of American soldiers who belong to the nation who calls them the most civilized in the world. Such a dreadful act will certainly increase the hatred against the whole American nation though the sinister act was done by the US marines. I implore the Obama Administration to launch a comprehensive inquiry into the said matter. Unequivocally, the culprits who have defiled the dead bodies must be given exemplary punishment so that the US soldiers should learn to respect the humanity.


Wah Cantt, February 7.