The three mega failures of PPP government in the field of railways, PIA and steel mill that are teetering on the brink of disaster speak volumes about the twin menace of corruption and mal administration afflicting the country. 31 percent of  PIA planes are grounded, railway trains are stranded  enroute  in wilderness and Pakistan steel mill is running into loss of  billions each year.  The main cause of disaster is cronyism of PPP with appointment of jail comrades and inept managers that set new records of mega scams of public money to bleed the nations of vital sector of transport, energy and industry at the hands of dishonest persons.

The hallmarks of this is the cadaverous look of railways minister who relishes in the statement that if Afghanistan can do without railways what is the harm if Pakistan cannot run the railways.  PPP  in its unholy alliance with ANP does not afford to annoy its allies to lose its majority in the National Assembly but can afford to destroy the main public transport system of masses to run exclusively a business train to hoodwink  the public opinion regarding its anti people policies.  It appears PPP now means Pakistan Plunder Party.


Lahore, February 7.