Aman Ki Asha, ‘Hope for Peace’, is a campaign jointly started by the two leading media houses from Pakistan and India aims at promoting mutual peace and development between the countries. Shiv Sena is a Marathi chauvinistic and Hindu political nationalistic organization in India founded on June 19,1966 by Bal Thackery, notorious for being anti-Muslims bloodthirsty man, the organization is headed by his son now Uddhav Thackery. The party is a Hindu extremist and fascist group. The story goes that a ‘gang’ of 60 extremists erupted the Pak-India music band’s press conference in the Mumbey Press Club. The Pakistani music band Meekal Hasan is there to promote peace with their Indian counterparts.

This is not the first time India has shown violence and unfathomable hatred for the Pakistanis. There are many in India who hate Pakistanis, whatever the Shiv Sena did should not surprise anyone. We should also remember what India has done in Kashmir, Sir Creek, Siachin, rivers water and many other atrocities inflicted on the Muslims in Kashmir and India. This is a ‘minor’ incident but we must realize that India can never be our friend, we have a long history of hatred. I think we should have negotiations with our neighboring country but not at the cost of two nation theory. Beware! lest this blind love should cost us the roof over our head, Pakistan.


Lahore, February 5.