LAKKI MARWAT  - Unknown burglars broke into the shop of an arms dealer in Naurang city on the night between Thursday and Friday and decamped cash, weapons and ammunition.

Sources said that thieves entered the shop by making a big hole in the roof and took away cash, 7 repeater, 10 shotguns, 30 pistols and thousands of cartridges along with them.

"The theft incident spread unrest among the business community as the shop is situated in the main bazaar of Naurang city", they maintained.

Proprietor Irfan Khattak told journalists that he found a big hole in the roof when he opened the shop in the morning. "Weapons and cash were missing while other articles were lying scattered", he maintained.

He said that he had approached police for registration of case. Police investigation experts visited the shop and collected evidences from the place.

Meanwhile, a speedy coach hit and killed a minor boy on Lakki-Tajazai Road near Wanda Kalan on Friday. Mehran, 8, was reportedly crossing the road when the coach ran over it. As a result he was seriously injured and died on way to hospital. Police registered a case against the driver and started investigation.

Peac body set up

 Inhabitants of Tajazai have formed a committee to eradicate crimes and ensure peace in the area.

The committee was formed at a meeting on Friday which was also attended by elders of different clans. On the occasion the participants unanimously elected Hafiz Salahud Din as president and Haji Muhammd Zaman as general secretary of the committee.

They also discussed various maters pertaining to mutual disputes among different clans, lawlessness and prevalence of crimes, narcotics and gambling dens in the locality.

They tasked the committee to patch up disputes and feuds among the clans and launch concerted efforts for promotion of peace in the area.

They told that reconciliatory efforts would help to end differences among individuals and clans of Tajazai tribe. "To ensure sustainable peace in the area should be the top priority of the committee", residents told and called upon the members of committee and area elders to assist local police in eliminating crimes and vices.

They also asked the members of the committee to eliminate the narcotics and gambling dens with the help of local police and press the MPs from the district to launch uplift schemes in the locality.