LAHORE  - What could be more satisfying for the ex-General’s ego than the fact that the former President Pervez Musharraf has chosen his own day and time to appear before the court (Feb18) after several court orders seeking his presence before the tribunal failed to serve the purpose.

He was first ordered to appear before the tribunal on December 24 but he defied the orders under the pretext of threats to his life and insufficient security arrangements.

The former General also did not appear on later hearings of the treason case as his lawyers made successful attempts to delay his indictment on different excuses.

In order to gain more time, they also approached the apex court seeking review of its judgment holding Musharraf responsible for the November 3 emergency. The court, however, rejected the petition declaring it time-barred.

On January 2, when he was being escorted to the court, the ex-dictator took his treason trial to heart and landed at the AFIC instead of his actual destination. Many believe this was yet another attempt by Musharraf to avoid the court hearing.

On January 31, the court did not allow him to go abroad for medical treatment and ordered the former President to appear on Friday (February 7), but he did not.

At the Friday’s hearing on February 7, his lawyers told the court that their client intended to attend the court on February 18, and the honourable judges accepted the day and time chosen by the former General to appear before them.

They also accepted a request by Musharraf’s lawyers that he be excused from attending the court on February 10, the date for next hearing of the case.