ISLAMABAD - Justice Jawwad S Khwaja remarked that corruption has gone deep rooted and there can be no development in the country without weeding it out.

He gave these remarks while presiding over a three-member bench of Supreme Court during the course of hearing of 650 illegal CNG licenses case here Friday.

He further remarked, “This is public money and we’ll not let any one stomach it easily.” Taking action against the corrupt elements is one of the pivotal obligations of the state, he said adding that the way CNG licenses were distributed stands unprecedented in the country.

OGRA presented report about CNG stations before the court. All the CNG stations were not divided into different categories in this report.  Justice remarked that the CNG stations into categories and then tell the court about it.  Iftikhar Gilani, counsel for OGRA told the court that some CNG stations are legal and some are illegal.

 Justice Khwaja observed that generally guideline given to regulatory authority is meant for assistance and not for guidance.  The court sought reply from the Attorney General that court be informed if the government policy is applicable to OGRA or otherwise. The court while seeking assistance from the AG adjourned the hearing of the case till February, 27.