Last week, the government decided to hold talks with Taliban for which a committee was formed in order to negotiate. The first meeting today went well but I personally think that the negotiations would only be involved on implementation of Shariah law. Is the elite class prepared to live with implementation of Shariah law with full spirit? Pretty much all media channels are focused on discussing the outcome of these talks. In the last few days Peshawar has again been facing terrorist attacks, however this time the Taliban’s have categorically denied their involvement. Meanwhile Karachi still bleeds. If all the terrorist activity was carried out by the Taliban, then it does not make sense for them not to cease now as they know once the talks fail, they will be washed away by the army, like they were in Swat.

The real question is-who is actually involved in these activities and who is the actual beneficiary of an unstable Pakistan? Does the government, Army, law enforcement agencies and the intelligence agency not want to disclose the facts to the people of Pakistan? Is there more than one interest involved in destabilizing Pakistan? Are we been made the centre of proxy war for sectarianism by Saudi Arabia? Is it that America wants to break Pakistan and have its hegemony over Baluchistan in order to control areas with vast natural resources (oil, gas, minerals) is it because of the gateway for oil (Gawadar)? So many questions and no clear answers.


Lahore, February 6.