Reportedly it is being said that Afghan President Hamid Karzai is trying to develop contacts with Taliban present in his country to re-establish his old contacts in order to pave way for his political role in Afghanistan in the future. Probably the entire world was expecting the same from Mr. Karzai that he would defiantly be contacting the people who somehow could not be killed by the various operations that took place against them by international troops in Afghanistan. Now knowing that without the help of the Taliban he can never come to power he is making lame excuses why he never helped them when they needed him at. The American stooge is now busy in anti- American rhetoric’s. His decision to not sign the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) can be one of the indicators to show Taliban how much he hates ‘U.S policies’ after enjoying his presidential seat since December 2001.

After enjoying his tenure as the Afghanistan President for more than a decade, various international tours and billions of dollars, even being responsible for the killings of thousands of Afghans, and after being an active supporter of U.S policies in Afghanistan, Mr. Karzai has finally realized that he is nobody without the support of Taliban if he wants to enjoy a full fledged political career in Kabul any more. On other hand Mr. Karzai has sent his partners from the same think tank to negotiate with Taliban in various parts of Afghanistan, Dubai and in Saudi Arabia. He desires that if Taliban comes to rule Kabul, either in the form of an elected democratic government or by the using power, then he should be in a position to live a safe and secure life in Afghanistan. In short, he is trying to save his skin by the teeth.

Mr. Karzai is forgetting for what he has been doing with his own people, various videos on YouTube and other sites have shown his security officials firing on innocent people who paid a heavy price of being the inhabitants of Afghanistan and the masses of president Karzai. Mr Karzai has double-standards as he is now consecutively criticizing NATO and U.S for not delivering anything to his people for whom this gentleman had been fighting for so long.


Islamabad, February 6.