The quality human life is deplorable and lamentable in our country. The body of a one-and-half-year-old girl, who went missing, later found dead. According to medico-legal reports toddler was raped before being killed her body was found near her residence in Nazimabad area, as her body was shifted to the hospital, where initial examination and post-mortem established, she was not only raped but was also subjected to sodomy. If a political murder happens in our country the whole country observes shutter down strike, violent protests are observed but, there is no value of common public who are victimised in such a brutal way or if this incident had happened to a rich tycoon or political person, the reaction would have been so different.

Life of the common people is really cheap in Pakistan. Later as the rhetoric goes, the investigation into the matter is under way, with authorities on the hunt to nab the perpetrators. As the police have ensured the culprits would be arrested and the family will get justice, but we all know that such cases have no results. There are thousands of cases like this which not only go unreported but unresolved as well.


Hyderabad, February 4.