The dangerous state of Pakistan is due to our own inherent stupidity. We have a slave mindset which allowing the masters to dictate their wishes. While the slaves toil in misery the rich grow richer. How easily we accept children being taught in a poultry farm, with half a roof, no drinking water and no toilet while our Prime Minister travels with a large group, to attend the UN’s General Assembly meeting, and take his own chef with him! We can boast of being a nuclear state, with the sixth largest stockpile of nukes yet millions die of hunger and no clean water, and billions are without education or health.

This self proclaimed king from Jati Umrah flies to 10 Downing Street and arrives in his private Bentley. A PM who has not had a full cabinet meeting, in the last 20 months, of his third stint. Something is definitely wrong here. It is time these charlatans were hounded out of office. It is as if the Mafia has indeed taken control of Pakistan and the Mafioso Don can do as he pleases. I had earlier stated that in Pakistan no one obeys the law. I was told by a western diplomat that this government was voted in by our people. This person failed to explain how the NRO was imposed on us by the UK, and US Governments combined. In fact Condoleezza Rice takes credit for the NRO. It was an illegal document and condoned illegal acts by our ex-ruler brought back into power for a sham democracy that we are still suffering under.

Unless this country gets some real democracy where the lawbreakers can be brought to justice, we shall have the same trash returning to power again and again. Pakistan desperately needs an honest man at the helm, and Imran Khan is the only one on the horizon. Our elected PM continues with his foreign tours ignoring the turmoil in his own backyard. His trips may be to thank his hosts for the hospitality extended to him during his exile, but he never conveys the anger of the Pakistanis at funding TTP. The political government has sidelined itself, and continues to seem to be busy, while the defacto, leader in full uniform, is received at 10 Downing St by the British Prime Minister, the first serving Pakistani COAS to be invited to Downing St, to be thus feted. The significance of this visit is not lost on the Pakistanis, the spin doctors of the PML-N notwithstanding.

Meanwhile Imran Khan continues to fight a lonely battle against, seemingly insurmountable odds. The next few weeks will define his future. Maybe his new wife will bring good fortune. Certainly the reception the couple received at the Army School Peshawar shows their tremendous following, amongst the youth of Pakistan. The weak attempt to sabotage the visit, by a few misled Gullu Butts misfired badly, and may have bolstered the Khan’s image further.


Lahore, January 16.