The Indo-Pak soft offensive continued and in the latest round India has allegedly seized drugs from a truck carrying oranges on the Muzaffarabad-Srinagar road. India refuses to return 22 trucks, and in a tit for tat measure, Pakistani authorities declined to return 50 trucks coming from India through Kashmir. Pakistan refuses to take the blame, unless the trucks are returned for examination.

To some extent, it doesn’t even matter if there were drugs in the trucks or not. The allegation has got its fifteen minutes of fame and that’s all India wants. The last time it did this was when it alleged that terrorists from Pakistan tried to attack it off the coast of Karachi and then set themselves on fire for fear of being caught. It was more likely it was just some fishermen with smuggled goods. The myth of Indian insecurity lives on.

In either case we are getting a bad rap. We are the smaller fish in the food chain. Saudi Arabia is not going to be criticised for beheading our citizens and India is not going to budge with its allegations and aggression. That leaves us with all the blame for the international drug trade, as well as a drug problem. There are a few essential things to be done with regards to the drug trade. The drug lords in Lahore and Karachi need to be apprehended and their networks broken. Law enforcement has to pick up its pace, whether it is fighting terrorism of drug cartels. There has to be a concerted effort for Pakistan to cooperate with Afghanistan to stop the smuggling of opium across the border and Afghanistan needs to put a stop to poppy production. India has a market for drugs, its own opium dens and thriving drug tourism and drug trade penetrates the Indian bureaucracy. Most recently, the Punjab Revenue Minister Bikram Singh Majithia was accused of being involved in the drug trade. India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, and then Europe… all need to kill their demand for drugs and get off their high horses. It’s a two way street.