Think tanks dominated either by mediocrity or technocrats, willing to serve anybody in power, assuming role of courtiers with some finesse, have played havoc with the state, offering lip service to policies. Analysis based on half truths and assumptions do not lead to credible solutions. The present crisis of terrorism threatening our national security emanated from Zia-ul Haq, followed by the ‘Strategic Depth’ policy of Musharraf, the inert role of Kayani who wanted to persist with the status quo... spanning over 26 years, with weak political governments sandwiched in between. Unlike real Think Tanks that brainstorm and critically analyze policies, what we have are sycophants singing praises in chorus, whether it be Zia-ul Haq or Musharraf calling the shots.

What Pakistan needs is to invest more on education, health etc, promote tolerance, with state taking regulatory control of all sectors and all institutions performing designated constitutional roles. Had Musharraf cracked down on terrorism, instead of promoting and nourishing it, ethnic, sectarian and fundamentalists, Pakistan would have been a far safer country. It took appointment of Gen. Raheel Sharif using full resources of state, to defeat them and start a process of transition, filling vacuum with TTP‘s exit, with a more representative government of people who live there, catering to their welfare.

Pinning the cause of failure solely on this elected government, with its poor governance is an exaggeration.


Lahore, January 11.