LAHORE: Fashion is all about craft and artistry. They say every one decade the fashion takes a new turn. Designers have been at the helm of this change. Now artists have moved in the direction of giving new aesthetics to the artistry in the realm of fashion.

Creative artist Shehnaz Sheikh, a graduate of National College of Arts, has showcased her collection of art wear that one can say is simply fantabulous. The famous artiste of TV plays Tanhiyan, Ankahi and Martay thay jin kay liye after years out of limelight is again in news. This time it is not showbiz but the realm of art that leans towards changing fashion trends.

The other day ‘Art Wear’ by Shehnaz Sheikh was showcased at Café X2. It was an exquisite collection of silk saris, digitally adorned with a combination of old and new art of Indian and South American painters. The digital artwork on the saris, in vibrant and contrasting hues, reflect Ms Sheikh's 'arty' sensibility, juxtaposing old and modern into a harmonious blend, giving it a neo classic tilt, the eye-catching 'paloos' and borders speak volumes of her obsession with detail. While the borders are delicately designed with miniature patterns of leaves, spirals, figurines and roses, the 'paloos' are bold and beautiful with digital impressions of paintings, varying from being traditional to modern and funky. The blend of neoclassical aesthetics lends the saris a rare tilt.  The electrifying images of iconic Indian actresses like Madhu Bala and Waheeda Rehman are the most striking feature of Art Wear by Shahnaz Sheikh. The event was attended by bloggers and fashion designers.

Talking to The nation Shehnaz said her art depicts the serenity of her mind. “It’s the madness of creation in conversion with methods of a new world. Each and every design on the sarees are individually crafted to give one a gorgeous look. Classical myths inform contemporary metaphors, overlapping, fading, re-emerging, palimpsest impressions are captured on silk. I just had fun designing such unique designs on sarees which are something different for the audience,” she explained.