LAHORE - CAA and PIA management are releasing flights without accomplishment of the prerequisites which are mandatory as per International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and PCAA Pak regulations.

Secretary General Air league of PIA Employees Lahore Mehmood Bokhari said that the safety of passengers and the aircraft itself is being jeopardised.

DG CAA Asim Suleman himself visited Alama Iqbal International Airport (AIIAP) and waived off the inspections and components replacement those were due to be done after planes were parked for the last five days. All it was done under the pressure of the govt officials, a CAA officer said.

An office-bearer of Society of Aircraft Engineers Pakistan (SEAP) said, “Aircraft AP-BHX (PK741, ISB-JED) -that took off from Islamabad last night was released under such circumstances. One passenger door “Emergency Slide / Raft” was due to be replaced Time –Expired on 6th of Feb which was not duly replaced and the aircraft was dispatched under Un-Airworthy conditions”.

All other aircraft that were also dispatched under similar violation conditions. The due checks as per regulatory requirements were not carried out.

It is a serious concern and we are coordinating with ICAO, SARI and other regulatory bodies to look into this matter, he said.

This could seriously affect the Aviation activities not only for PIA but for other local carriers in Pakistan, he added.

At AIIAP there were five B-777 parked for the last five days and on Sunday night PIA managed to operate three flights with these planes two for Jeddah and one for Madina. But a senior engineer of PIA seeking anonymity said that several checks are due for these aircrafts including daily Check including an A check for one plane which could only be carried out in hanger. It requires 24 hours to carry Check A for B-777 aircraft, he said.

A union leader said that in this democratic government PIA employees were transported from their homes to airport forcibly in the presence of Elite Force and police commandos to perform duties. They were not willing to do so but Ahmad Butt who was no more in PIA was sitting in Station Manager PIA Lahore office and controlling the PIA employees.

When contacted PIA spokesman said that all aircrafts were airworthy and no check was due to be carried out. He said that PIA protesting employees were disseminating disinformation to create confusion among the masses.

He said that keeping in view the difficulties being faced by Umra Zaireen stranded in Saudi Arabia due to ongoing strike by PIA unions, two Boeing 777 planes have been sent to Jeddah to bring back around 800 of them.

To provide relief to Umra Zaireen, all departments of PIA worked as a great team and made these flights possible, he said.

All PIA staff members have been requested to resume duties and save their airline, he added.

The flights operating as PK-741 and PK-7329 departed at around 2 am, he said.

PIA is doing its best to look after its passengers and feels profoundly sorry for the inconvenience caused to all valued PIA passengers due to illegal strike, he added.