Encroachments are continuously irking the motorists and pedestrians on roads, bazaars and markets of historic city of Chiniot which is famous for its wooden furniture.

Every year, tens of thousands of tourists visit the city’s historic places, purchase furniture and enjoy trips at the bank of River Chenab. However, encroachments on the streets and bazaars often cause traffic jams. The city has narrow streets and bazaars which were developed in the pre-partition era.

These include Pir Muslim Bazaar, Mandar Road, Faisalabad Road, Lahore Road, and Shahra-e-Quaid-e-Azam and Mudrassatul Binat Road. Encroachments are also unchecked on the roads leading to historical places like Umar Hayat Mahal, Badshahi Mosque, Shah Burhan Tomb, Pir Ismaeel Tomb and Shish Mahal, causing frequent traffic jams of hours. The vendors and shopkeepers have occupied footpaths, creating troubles for pedestrian for students and ladies come there for shopping. Vegetable, fruits, chicken, beef and mutton sellers with the help of local municipal officials have encroached many places in the main bazaars with their wooden and iron khokhas and throw their garbage on road. Traffic also remains jammed during the arrival and departure times of the students. Some people have grappled the Shamlat land. The TMA has badly failed to get the Shamlat vacated form the grabbers. The TMA kick started a number of anti-encroachment drives in the past but due to lack of consistency the drives have failed to produce results. The locals have demanded early removal of these encroachments.