ISLAMABAD: Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP) Suleman Butt has told the Supreme Court (SC) that classified documents on Lal Masjid operation could not be made public and if done so, lives of witnesses will be at stake.

AGP said this in a reply filed in the court on the issue of making the secret documents public.

When a two-member SC bench comprising of Justice Iqbal Hamid-ur Rehman and Justice Faisal Arab took up Lal Masjid Commission case for hearing today, the AGP took the plea that secret documents with reference to the operation could not be made public. If it is done so then lives of the witnesses will be put at stake. The government does not want these documents to be made public and the court should not make the report public.

Tariq Asad advocate said the report contains 30,000 pages and the AGP has not even read it.

The court remarked, “Leave other things aside and file your reply in response to the reply file by the AGP. We are giving you time to file the reply.”

Tariq Asad said the family members of the victims were looking forward to court for a decision.

The court while adjourning the hearing indefinitely sought detailed reply from Tariq Asad, counsel for Lal Masjid.