Islamabad - Chairman Capital Development Authority, Maroof Afzal has said the project of constructions of 104 family suites for members of Parliament would be completed by December.

Talking to media, he said that CDA allocated Rs 2.9 billion for this project, which was scheduled to complete till 2013. The project was delayed because the site for main block was occupied by some departments, he added. The chairman CDA further stated that the site area, being located in Red Zone, was frequently closed and transportation of material was allowed only for a limited time.

Commenting about the Peshawar Morr Interchange project, he said that CDA was making efforts to complete it by March 23. He said the project was proposed in 2010 and the federal government had given additional Rs 5 billion for the construction/extension of Kahmir Highway interchange at the time of launching metro bus project. Answering to a question about the up-gradation of Islamabad roads, the chairman said that CDA would accomplish it soon and the funds are being used from the special grant of the prime minister. He informed that Prime Minister’s Secretariat had issued Rs 5 billion for the extension and construction of Express Highway. The CDA would spend Rs 1.8 billion for widening and the extension of express highway, he said.

As for as construction of Charah Dam was concerned, Maroof Afzal informed that the completion date as per PC-I was April 2014 but work could be started due to the non-availability of land and manifold increase in the cost of the project.

He said that the project was being executed by the Government of Punjab and CDA only had to transfer the Federal share of funds to them. He said that efforts were being made to acquire the land for Charah Dam.