Lahore - The country’s economy is on right track following steps taken by the government while the international institutions like World Bank and IMF have declared that Pakistani economy has made a significant progress. The PML-N Traders Wing general secretary Shahid Nazir told a delegation of traders from various city markets that the country’s economic health is getting better with every passing day due to well-planned economic policies of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

According to him, the international agency, Bloomberg, in its report has appreciated the achievements of the government despite the sit-ins and protest in the country. As per report, the government has managed to bring turnaround of the economy after political disturbance in the mid of the last year by some opposition parties. While answering a question, Shahid Nazir said that Pak-China Economic Corridor is lifeline of the country and it would be completed at every cost. This project would open new avenues of progress and prosperity apart from helping Pakistani economy excel and creation of millions new opportunities for the Pakistani workforce.

The PML-N Trade leader said that mark-up is at the lowest ebb of the history and it is an ample proof of the Nawaz Sharif government’s business friendly policies. He said the government would make this measure meaningful and result-oriented so that business community could avail full advantage of the lowest mark-up rate.