A large number of stray dogs are seen on the roads and streets of Kamalia City creating problems for the pedestrians particularly women and children.

They get afraid of going out alone in the street. Increase in stray dogs has also increased traffic accidents on roads where they collide with bikes and other vehicles. Rabid dogs are also abundant and vaccine for rabies is not available on medical stores or government hospitals while TMA is just a silent spectator in the situation.

It has become very difficult for the kids to go to school alone as they get scared of the stray dogs. Those who get bitten by the stray dogs face even more problem acquiring medicine for dog bites. A number of traffic accidents have been caused by the stray dogs and many motorcyclists seriously injured. Those who go out for morning walk face the hazard on daily basis. It is the responsibility of TMA to eliminate stray dogs but to no avail even after repeated complaints.

Some months ago a campaign was launched by TMA with full cooperation from citizens and the results were significantly better. But the situation has returned. Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Medical Superintendent Khalid Mehmood said that patients injured by dog bites are admitted on a daily basis and they are being duly treated. When contacted, Assistant Commissioner M Khalid said that a special campaign for the elimination of stray dogs in Kamalia city will be started soon.