BENGALURU: Authorities captured a young leopard on Sunday that mauled half a dozen people after sneaking into a suburban Bengaluru school, typifying the growing instances of man-animal conflict on the outskirts of the rapidly expanding city.

CCTV cameras showed the animal entering the VIBGYOR school campus at around 4am, but it remained undetected until late afternoon when it attacked an employee.

It later injured others, including a photojournalist who got too close and environmentalist Sanjay Gubbi who was part of a rescue team.

The leopard had escaped from the school premises during the day and was hiding in nearby bushes.

As authorities were in the middle of operations to capture it, the animal re-entered the school building by scaling a compound wall, officials said.

Forest department representatives told reporters in the evening that the feline was captured after two tranquiliser darts fired at it found their mark.