LAHORE - Terror facilitator cells, in startling revelations, have told the interrogators about some codes used for communication among them and their handlers operating from a foreign country, security services sources told The Nation yesterday. Facilitator cells of terrorists, following interrogations by key security agencies told their case officers that while the handlers sending them into Pakistan give them the message: “Some dear friends are coming to your city. Accompany them during their trip to the city. Guide them in their shopping.” “Kuchh achhay dost aa rahe hein. Sheher ki sair karwana. Kharidari karwana. These are the codes in Urdu language.”

“Dear friends” is the code about arrival of terrorists. City visit is the code for reconnaissance of the target. Shopping is the code for providing them with weapons and transportation to launch terror attacks,” added the security services sources. Terror facilitator cells use mostly social network, mobile or landline phones when they have no other choice for communication.

With the sophistication of technology, the terrorists and their facilitators are adopting new modes of communication that are safe for their operations, keeping in view the fact that the intelligence agencies have acquired the expertise to trace them through their mobile phones and, to some extent, on cyber highway, said the security services sources. Terror attacks sometimes are carried out by engaging several facilitator cells and in such cases it becomes difficult to capture all the culprits in the light of confessions of the primary or the first cell, they said. In some terror attacks, the terrorist handlers engage four facilitator cells. The first cell has the responsibility of providing housing and lodging to the arriving terrorists. The second cell is assigned with the task of reconnaissance of the target. The third one is directed to provide weapons and the fourth has the duty of providing them with transport, they explained.

However, in the case of reconnaissance, the terrorists make a final reconnaissance of the target of attack revealed as a result of major terror culprits, they added. The basis of recruiting facilitators is sometimes ideological leaning, in certain cases exploiting the financial worries of the facilitator, radicalisation by other terrorist sleeper cells, self-radicalization and blackmailing, they explained when asked how the facilitator handlers recruit them. This is just one case of codes for communication between the terror facilitator cells and their handlers. They keep on inventing new codes and the security agencies dealing with them will keep on busting them till the war on terror continues, which seems to be a long drawn-out war.