MULTAN-Corruption is the root cause of organised crimes and terrorism in the society and the government must enact foolproof laws to uproot the menace of corruption from the society.

Mustaqbil Pakistan Party (MPP) Chairman Engr Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi stated while addressing a news conference here on Tuesday. The MPP chief said that corruption has become so widespread in the society that the people stopped considering it a crime or evil. Explaining different kinds of corruption, he said that all acts that are against social, legal and religious laws fall under the category of corruption. He pointed out that corruption and poverty are twin sisters and any society, which succeeds in uprooting corruption, would automatically get rid of poverty.

He said that corruption and corrupt practices are not limited to the ruling class rather it has infested low sections of the society equally. He said that no one could prevent people from becoming robbers if the people sitting in the parliament are thieves.

He criticised NAB and said that it let the corrupt people involve in corruption worth billions go scot-free after recovering a few million from them under plea bargain. He maintained that there is no difference between the performance of NAB during Musharraf era or PPP regime.

He declared that the MPP would introduce very strict laws against corruption if it comes to power. “We have made it part of our manifesto that if any parliamentarian, Grade-18 officer or judge is found involved in corruption, he will be executed,” he added. He said that it is the only method to clear the society of corruption. He said that the ministers, advisors and members of assemblies were corruption tainted and many had been found guilty of corruption in the courts. “But still they wave victory signs when caught and on the other hand people take to the streets in their favour. It’s condemnable,” he said.


The food safety officers spoiled 1150 litre not-fit-for consumption milk during a crackdown on milk vendors supplying substandard milk here on Tuesday. The Punjab Food Authority sources said that the teams of the authority set up pickets at Pul Balail and Chowk Naag Shah and examined the milk samples at the spot. Sources added that 18000 litre milk was examined and 1150 litre was found substandard.

Similarly, water samples from two WASA water treatment plants (Wilayatabad No-1 and Jamilabad) were sent for lab examination while warnings were issued to over a dozen outlets selling different edibles.