Traders and businessmen all over the country have so many complaints with the State of Pakistan. They have less or no assurance from state; their health, wealth and also any kind of security is not provided. The state cannot run without businessmen and traders which is why they must be protected. Since way back, we have observed that daylight robbery is increasing, dacoits are doing their best without any fear. Perhaps, police personnel might be involved? The traders feel fear as a result of robberies, as a result, they became unable to produce good things in their field. I am an eyewitness of a protest where traders protested against broad daylight robbery. In Sadiqabad Rawalpindi, protesters were saying there are safe havens in the city for criminals.

The state should provide only security and safety. Police should not protect looters and they must secure and give protection to the citizens. In markets and bazaars, police personnel should be deployed for the safety of customers and traders.

Faaran Shahid,

Islamabad, February 6.