SHEIKHUPURA - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Wednesday asked his opponents to give up hatching conspiracies and contribute their share for the development of the country and resolution of people’s problems.

The Prime Minister was addressing a function here during visit to Bhikki power plant which will start generation of electricity within the next couple of months.

In a jibe at his opponents (without naming Imran Khan ) he said, “Those who work hard, inaugurate projects.”

He said after taking over the affairs of the country, they confronted major challenges including load shedding, economic revival and terrorism and now they are honouring their commitments made to the people.

He again said that load shedding would be over by 2018 as over 10,000 MW of electricity would be added in the system. He said even today the load shedding has come down to 3-4 hours as compared to 16-20 hours during the previous government. He said at the same time, the PML-N government is working to provide electricity at cheaper rates and particularly referred to lower tariff for agricultural and industrial sectors to boost production.

He said hydel projects at Bhasha and Dassu would be launched soon in addition to completion of Sahiwal, Port Qasim coal power plants, Neelam-Jhelum hydel project, Tarbela-4 , solar and wind energy projects.

The Prime Minister who was briefed in the Bheki power project said 84 percent work has been completed and the plant would be ready in few weeks time. He said normally such projects take 26-30 months but it has been completed at a fast pace. He congratulated the Punjab Chief Minsiter Shahbaz Sharif, Chinese engineers and other staff working at the project for speedy completely.

Nawaz Sharif said in addition to timely completion, they have ensured transparency and billions of rupees savings has been made in the power projects. He regretted that Jhelum-Neelam hydel project which was allocated Rs80 billion for completion could not be completed despite spending about Rs 250 billion. However said it would be completed and power put on the transmission line which is complete.

He also referred to other development projects including Lowari tunnel for  which Rs 27 billion has been allocated and was under execution for the last 30-40 years, roads and motorway projects, metro, green line and many others. He said today Pakistan’s Stock Exchange is number-one in Asia and fifth in the world.

He said that Gwadar was being connected to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province via Quetta. The PM announced that the Haveli Bahadur Shah project will be completed soon.

The Prime Minister said  the government has succeeded in bring peace in Karachi, almost eliminated terrorism from the country which is a big success.

Nawaz Sharif visited different parts of the power plant and personally observed  the progress on project.

In his address, the Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Shrif said that work is being completed speedily at Bhikhi, Haveli Bahadur Shah and Balloki power plant. He said that the Federal Government extended its full cooperation for timely completion of these power projects.  He said that these power plants are exemplary for their speed and transparency.

Bhikki power plant is a gas powered plant with a total capacity of 1180 MW that will be fully operational by the end of 2018. So far 84% work has been completed and the plant will be initially producing 716 MW before summer, this year.

The power plant has one of the most efficient and state-of-the-art gas powered turbines that produce electricity without wastage and at the same time is environmentally friendly.

Bhikki power plant is among the priority projects earmarked by the Government to reduce electricity shortfall in the country.

It is estimated that the Bhikki Power Project will save around Rs. 250 billion over a period of 30 years due to its low cost and efficient plant machinery.