LAHORE - The South Asia Regional Public Procurement Network (SAPPN) has declared the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund winner of the South Asia Procurement Innovation Awards 2016-17 for its community driven inclusive procurement processes.

The award has been launched by South Asia Regional Public Procurement Network (SAPPN) with Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank (WB) and Procurement iNET. The key objective of the awards is to enhance learning and knowledge sharing from innovative approaches adapted by procurement entities and systems across the region.

The World Bank, Governance Global Practice, Solutions and Innovations in Procurement (SIP-South Asia) acted as the secretariat for award selection. All award entries were assessed on the basis of level of innovation, replicability and sustainability.

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund developed a Community Driven Development (CDD) procurement manual to introduce a participatory, efficient, cost effective and transparent procurement mechanism at the grassroots. Under its innovative CDD model, PPAF through its partner organisations identifies and trains community resource persons from its network of local support organisations on financial management, record keeping, community procurement and asset management to take down the guidelines to all tiers of community institutions. PPAF has used this local human capital to build capacities of community institutions.