BRUSSELS - President Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Sardar Masood Khan has asked United Nation Security Council (UNSC) to urgently conduct a debate on issue of Kashmir specially violation of human rights in Indian held Kashmir (IHK).

He was addressing as a chief guest at a conference entitled, “Kashmir Conflict and International Opinion” organized by Kashmir Council EU with collaboration of Friends of Kashmir Group at European Parliament in Brussels.

The conference was also addressed by Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed, Members of European Parliament (MEPs) Dr Sajjad Karim, Raja Afzal Khan and Amjad Bashir and former EU Ambassador Anthony Crasner. MEP Afzal Khan moderated the conference while Pakistan Ambassador to EU Naghamana Hashmi was also present on the occasion. A number of people from different walks of life including MEPS, human rights activists, Intellectuals, researchers and diplomats attended the conference.

President Sardar Masood Khan said, the members of UNSC should discuss the massive human rights violations by the Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir. The council must stop the human right violations in IHK and provide right of self-determination to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The President also urged European Union to pressurize India in order to prevent human rights violation in IHK and give right of self-determination to the Kashmiris. He said, we need urgent assistance from European Union in the context of Kashmir cause as adding European Union is based human values and it understands the miseries of others.

To a question he said, Kashmir issue has two dimensions, one is bilateral and other is international. It is core issue between Pakistan and India and internationally under the UN Security Council’s resolutions, it is duty of the United Nation to ensure the right of self-determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. He also called upon international community to impose ban on use of pellet gun in Kashmir and stop India from illegal settlement in the occupied land.

Earlier welcoming the participant especially Chief Guest of the conference, Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed said, we shall continue our struggle for Kashmir cause in Europe. He said, International Community should play a role for just solution of Kashmir issue and stop India from genocide of oppressed people of Kashmir.

Speaking on the occasion Afzal Khan said, international community especially EU should facilitate in order to reduce hardships of the people of Kashmir. He emphasized that awareness campaign in Europe for raising the issue of Kashmir should be continued.

MEP Dr Sajjad Karim said, issue of human rights violation is an important justification for attraction of world attention particularly EU towards Kashmir dispute. India should stop human rights abuses in the Held Kashmir and should meet its commitments under the international rules on human rights.

He also drew attention of participants towards a recent letter of High Representative of European Union Ms Federica Mogherini to him in which she expressed concerns over the severe situation in Kashmir. Dr Sajjad said, EU calls for participation of Kashmiris in a likely negotiation process with regard to Kashmir dispute.

MEP Amjad Bashsir said, use of pellet gun should be out of law and immunity under draconian laws should be withdrawn in IHK. Anthony Crasner, the former EU Ambassador said, the awareness campaign on Kashmir in Europe should be increased in order to raise the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. World should know about the difficult situation in IHK. The questions raised during the one-day conference were responded by the President of Azad Kashmir and MEPs.

During his visit to European Parliament, the AJK’s President Sardar Masood Khan also met Vice President of the parliament Ioan Mircea Pascu, Chairperson of South Asia Delegation of EU Parliament Jean Lambert, former Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee of EU parliament Elmar Brok, MEPs Ana Gomes, Anthea Mcintyre, Linda Mcavan and Jullie Wart. As well as a number of representatives of local and international media organisations including Belgium’s newspaper Levif, and also MO magazine conducted the interview of the AJK’s President.

A delegation of political figures of Spain along with member of International Lawyer Association of Spain Ms Erika also attended the conference at EU parliament. She asked that Indian forces involved in crimes against the humanity in IHK should be brought to the justice.