Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM)-Pakistan President, Farooq Sattar said that his party was united yesterday and is united today.

He made these remarks while talking to the media on Thursday.

“We filed the nomination papers under one roof,” Sattar said. “Our opponents were celebrating today,” he said.

Sattar further said that Qamar Mansoor has decided not to contest the Senate election due to illness while Khawaja Sohail Mansoor has decided to retain his National Assembly membership. “Fifteen MQM candidates have filed their nomination papers for Senate polls,” he stated.

The MQM-P president said that there is difference of opinion in every political party. “We have a policy of discipline. We resolve every issue with consultation,” he said.

Sattar said that his partners and workers have given him powers to make decision. He said that party president or conveynor can make final decision on certain issues. “There is complete harmony amongst us. We made decisions with consultation,” he said.

Meanwhile, MQM-P leader Faisal Sabzwari said that that the situation will keep getting worse if the issues within the party are not resolved.

Speaking to media, Sabzwari said that they will not allow the party to get divided. “We will take any step but will not be a part of any separation,” he said. The MQM-P went on to say that the political party cannot operate without its principles and guidelines.

“We want to resolve all the issues amicably,” he added. He further said that Nasreen Jalil and Kishwar Zehra have submitted their nomination papers for women seats in Senate elections. “Ameen-ul-Haq and Abid Chishti have submitted their nominations on general seats,” he said.