Islamabad - The Pharmacy Council of Pakistan has offered to register the Quaid-i-Azam University Department of Pharmacy for two years if it pays Rs 2.8 million as penalty and agrees for the conduct of pre-examination test of first two batches of the pharmacy D program as it was done without getting No Objection Certificate from the Council, said an official on Wednesday.

The PCP along with monetary penalty has also asked for conducting a ‘pre-registration’ examination of the first two batches of Pharmacy D program as the admissions were taken without obtaining No Objection Certificate from PCP.

Official informed The Nation that nearly 200 students in Pharmacy-D program were admitted after establishment of the department in 2011. The university was running the post graduate program without approval from the council.

A penalty fee has been set according to the tuition fee of each student and the PCP has offered the accreditation only for two years, conditioning it with the fulfilment of penalties, official said.

PCP department gave detail of its visit recognizing the measures taken by the university administration but raised objections on two points and conditioned the recognition with penalties, said official.

The PCP has said that ‘pre-registration’ examination of the students will be held by council after the payment of penalty fee, official said.

The notification issued to the university by PCP has discussed nine points regarding registration of the department and commended the university administration on majority of the points. 

Notification said “A team of Pharmacy Council of Pakistan visited the department of Pharmacy Quaid-i-Azam University to verify the available facilities for the recognition of Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program.

The recommendations were placed before the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan in its meeting where it was observed that the department established 9 laboratories including Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy Practice, Organic/ Medicinal Chemistry, Quality Control/ Bio-Pharmaceutics, Microbiology/pathology/Anatomy, Industrial/Pharmaceutical Technology, Instrumentation, Pharmacology/Physiology.

Most of the equipment in laboratories was properly installed and found operational.

It also added that five lecture rooms were observed with the seating capacity of 60 each. The multimedia was found functional. A seminar room with seating capacity of 100 was also reported. A central library has been established with 1915 and 756 titles related to Pham. D program. A computer lab with 40 computers with working internet was also available.

The university has advertised 12 posts in the Department of Pharmacy including 1 Professor, 3 Associate Professors and 8 Assistant Professor on November 12, 2017. The process of recruitment is in progress.

The notification also added that the current student teacher ratio is 1:18. Board of studies has been diversified but still lacks the specialty of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy.

“Accordingly, the council decided to grant recognition to the Department of Pharmacy, Quaid-i-Azam University, for a period of 2 years conditionally to the appointment of teaching faculty in Pharmacy and payment of penalty fee for admissions in Pharm D program without NOC. A pre registration examination will be conducted after the receipt of penalty fee,” said notification.

Registrar QAU Dr. Imtiaz-ud-Din said that registration of Pharmacy department is a long standing issue which has only been addressed this year.

The non-registration of the department offering five-year doctorate and MPhil programs has led to problems for the students who face difficulties while applying for public-sector jobs. The students are also unable to obtain a pharmacist license; a compulsory certificate required for opening a pharmacy shop.

President PCP Dr. Asad Hafeez failed to give his version of the story.