LOS ANGELES-Miranda Kerr admits that snacking is a big part of her pregnancy diet. The 34-year-old model is currently pregnant with her second child and her first with husband Evan Spiegel, and the brunette beauty has opened up about her unusual diet during a Snapchat video for Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

During a trip around the supermarket, Miranda - who already has a seven-year-old son called Flynn with her ex-husband, actor Orlando Bloom - explained: ‘’Because I’m pregnant, I like to snack a lot. Snacking regularly when I’m pregnant helps me feel less nauseous.’’ Despite her love of snacks, Miranda remains health-conscious about what she puts in her body, revealing she is still committed to eating ‘’organic’’ food. She shared: ‘’I love eating local and organic produce. The quicker it goes from the farm to the table the more nutrients there is.’’ Meanwhile, Miranda admitted back in December that her most recent pregnancy has been more troublesome than was the case with Flynn. The Australian star said: ‘’I have been getting hormonal headaches, which I never got with Flynn. ‘’Apparently, my doctor said [with] the second pregnancy, your hormones kind of kick in a little stronger because they’re like, ‘Oh, yeah. I know what’s happening. I know what to do.’ So that’s probably why.’’ In spite of this, Miranda is eagerly looking forward to the arrival of her new baby. The model - who married Evan in 2017 - shared: ‘’We’re just really excited to expand our family.’’