China is not only a flagship country in Asia among other Asian’s countries, but Global Innovation Index (GII) 2018 report revealed that, it holds 17th position in world's top 126 economies. China has consistently shifted its ranking for last four decades. It shows greatest innovations, high quality researches, and long-life developments. China is now world's leading country in business, which successfully seeded the creatives and encouraged able business environment.

Biggest human community

China is the world's most populated country according to 2018 measure, with Chinese language as second widely spoken language. Best working on its humanity power, it has spread via education and intuitions, a creative and innovative culture to an individual and society.

Educational hub

The universities of China, as of 2018 ranking list six universities in top hundred. Meanwhile, Chinese researchers are capturing consistently growing reputation day by day, for they have fair quality publications in high impact factor international journals in both pure theoretical and applied fields including IT, medical, theoretical physics and other.

Attract attention of international students

China has been attracting international students, supposed to be the best cluster of schooling after US. Students feel remarkably comfortable, to visit China for their career increasing future prospects. It provides a wide spectrum of scholarships to international students in highly ranked institutions like Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University and others. The growing trend of international students is due to a large number of fully funded scholarships, universities’ collaboration to world's hot research centers, and well-equipped labs. For the past several years, Pakistani students show a deep interest to travel to China in various fields including IT, medical and business schools. One of the IT students share his opinion about China, "After America, China appears to be a country with its own server and other advance marketing websites."   

China rapid rise shows way for economies

China puts forth an example for lower and middle economies by providing a way to go in the game of business. It has started several economically expensive but highly profitable projects in various under developed countries. The CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) is agile example, started in near past. It is 62-billion-dollar project starting from western Chinese city of Kashgar to Pakistan's Arabian sea port Gwadar. This corridor is the extension of Silk Road and now operational in Hazara as ‘Hazara Motorway’, while it would be expected to fully completed and operational in the next few years. Such mega projects not only strengthen the economy of both countries, but it would also play an important role in culture and technology exchange. In addition, Chinese products will be imported to Pakistan and other Asian countries cheaply through rapid means.