RAHIM YAR KHAN  -  The district administration and Municipal Committee (MC) are supervising anti-encroachment campaign in the district but on the other hand people are constructing buildings by encroaching roads.

A person started construction of his house outside Govt Postgraduate College For Women (GPCW) a few days back by encroaching the shoulder of metal road. There are many allegedly illegal possessions on state land with northern boundary wall of the GPCW and along a park in front of the college. Many people have built their houses and shops on these plots but there is no record of these houses in the MC. But residents of these houses and shops claim that they have ownership of their properties. Similarly, a few years back people started to encroach the greenbelt with northern wall of the GPCW and later built their shops but recently a person started to construct his house with the main gate of the GPCW. On the complaints of a few neighbours, Assistant Commissioner Aitzaz Anjum visited the site and only suspended the construction work.

GPCW Principal Prof Ammara told The Nation that the GPCW had two main gates, eastern and western, but many persons have encroachment the land of greenbelt with the college wall. She said that recently a person started construction outside main gate of the college by encroaching 14 feet of road shoulder. She said that a few persons had their ownership rights also but due to illegal construction outside the college gates and on the road shoulder, the college was facing two problems. First that the vehicles carrying college students could not drop the students in front of the college due to narrow passage and the second was the security of the college. She added that she had written a letter to district administration and chief officer MC but no step had been taken so far. Some neighbouring residents said that they were facing difficulties due to overcrowded single road to the GPCW. MC Chief Officer Sheikh Qasim did not attend the call.