A GP has been given three life sentences for 90 sex assaults on female patients. Manish Shah assaulted 23 women and a 15-year-old girl while working in London - carrying out invasive examinations for his own gratification. The Old Bailey heard he used Angelina Jolie and Jade Goody as examples to frighten patients about their health. Judge Anne Molyneux described him as a “master of deception who abused his position of power”. “You made up stories which got into heads and caused panic,” she said. Shah, from Romford, convinced his victims to have unnecessary checks between May 2009 and June 2013. “Your behaviour was not only sexual but was driven by your desire to control and on occasions humiliate women,” the judge said. The youngest victim told the court she was left “anxious, fearful and shaking” at the prospect of visiting the doctor after being abused by Shah. She said she felt differently about men and worried about being seen as a “sex object”. The 50-year-old doctor who claimed the assaults were “defensive medicine” was found guilty of 25 sexual offences against six victims at Mawney Medical Centre last autumn. At an earlier trial in 2018, he was convicted of offences relating to 18 other people, bringing the total number of offences to 90 relating to 23 patients.

Macron: France ready to partner with Europe on nuclear deterrence

PARIS (Monitoring Desk): President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that France wanted to open a strategic dialogue with its European partners about the role of French nuclear deterrence policy in European security. The overture to Europeans chimes with Macron’s insistence that Europe should reinforce its strategic autonomy in the face of growing global threats and stop relying solely on the United States and the transatlantic alliance for its defense. In a much-anticipated speech on French nuclear deterrence, a ritual for every French president under the Fifth Republic, Macron said that European nations, who wanted to do so, could be associated with French nuclear deterrence tests. “France’s vital interests have now taken a European dimension,” Macron told the future elite of French armed forces at Paris’ Ecole de Guerre. The French leader, who refused to place the French nuclear deterrent under EU or NATO command, as suggested recently by a German lawmaker, also reaffirmed that Brexit would not change anything regarding France’s nuclear co-operation with Britain.