Rawalpindi-Kashmir Solidarity Day was observed at Federal Government (FG) Postgraduate College for Women, Kashmir Road to show unity with the people of Indian-Occupied Kashmir, their ongoing freedom struggle and to pay homage to the martyrs of the freedom movement of Kashmir.

In this regard, an impressive ceremony titled “Azm-e- Alishaan” was held in the Salma Masud Auditorium of college on Friday.

Brig. Abdul Hameed, Director FGEI C/G (Colleges) was the honourable chief guest on this occasion.

This event was organised to show solidarity with the seven billion residents of the occupied territory of Kashmir who have been facing torture under the lockdown. The day is also being observed to pay tribute to our National Heroes for providing our nation the freedom it deserved. Sajjar and Group presented a Tableau on Kalaam-e- Iqbal.

Speaking on this occasion, the chief guest appreciated the students and organisers for covering the event successfully. Referring to Kashmir Solidarity Day, he stressed that Pakistani nation and Pakistan army firmly stand by the Kashmiris in their just struggle to the very end. He stressed on realising the true meaning of independence which actually means having liberty to progress, equality, justice, equal chances of employment, equal rights for all citizens and good governance. He further added his views on the importance of education. He said that education is light which shatters the darkness of ignorance and develops in us a critical sense to differentiate right from wrong. He shared his views on female education, adding that true purpose of education therefore can only be achieved if it results in the development of intellect and grooming of the character.

After the distribution of certificates among participants, Chief Guest Brig. Abdul Hameed, Director FGEI (Colleges) was presented with the college insignia.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) has rejected bail plea of judge video scandal accused Nadir Khan. The counsel told the court that accused Haris confessed in his statement that accused Nadir Khan was involved in making objectionable video, while during investigation some contents related to video were recovered from Nadir Khan mobile.

The counsel for the accused said that its client was innocent and baseless allegation was being levelled against him.

It is pertinent to mention here that Nadir Khan’s bail plea was heard by ATC Judge Raja Jawad Abbas.