KHYBER - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minster Mehmood Khan has said that

physical look of merged tribal districts would be changed by establishing mega development projects in next five years.

He made these remarks on his

visit to Landi Kotal while addressing during the inauguration of first

setting with masses in connection

of public access campaign here on


The chief minister has said that

corruption would be discouraged

at every level in the society and

merit culture would be developed.

He has said the government fulfilled its promises by instituting judicial system, Khasadar has been

merged in police, and health cards

had been introduced in merged districts.

Scores of tribal elders, representative of various political parties, youths, traders, students,

parliamentarians, administration

officials, media persons and others were among the participants

of the gathering. He said that the

campaign was initiated in the

merged districts to informed the

residents of that areas that the incumbent government of Pakistan

Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) under the

dynamic leadership of the Prime

Minister Imran Khan was determined to facilitate them at their

door steps and to set up development schemes with consent of the


“Being first CM of the ex-tribal

region, I keenly interested to build

such kind of progress schemes

there so that the tribesmen remember the sincere efforts of the PTI

government,” the CM said.

“As the ex-tribal agencies had

been neglected since long therefore in every department start

would taken from zero,” he added,

saying that in coming five years,

the merged districts would be

brought equal to other developed

areas of the country by developing

health, education, employment,

trade, sanitation, solarisation etc.

The CM maintained the PM Imran Khan materialised his promise,

made with tribesmen by allocating

and providing Rs83 billion annually to the merged districts that be

spent for the uplift of the dwellers

of that area. However he urged the

people to join him by halting every

kind of corruption while setting up

the development projects. He added that from tomorrow the public

access drive with intention to value the miseries of masses would

be begun in all districts so that to

shape the development schemes

as per demand of the people.

CM Mehmood Khan asked the

participants that in case of need

they could lodge their complaints,

in complaint cell, established for the

purpose or through parliamentarians convoyed him their massages.

Representatives of various sections

of the society apprised the CM of

their problems being faced by them.

Meanwhile, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood

Khan has formally launched public outreach campaign at District

Khyber to inform the tribal people about ongoing and upcoming

developmental initiatives in different sectors and to familiarize

them about their delivery mechanism while at the same time taking

public feedback in order to ensure

that all the initiatives reflect aspirations of people and correspond

to ground realities.

While addressing the inaugural

session of public outreach campaign at Tehsil Landi Kotal, the

chief minister announced continuation of outreach campaign on daily basis in merged tribal districts

and stated that provincial government was fully committed for actively pursuing its development

agenda for the prosperity and welfare of tribal districts, adding that

a budget of Rs83 billion would be

spent for uplifting of merged areas.

“All the promises made with the

tribal people would be accomplished as we have completed the

planning process. We are now

moving towards the implementation phase to make sure that people of merged districts get their

long due share in development

schemes. If all the stakeholders are

on same page, the 10 year development journey would be completed

in five years,” he added.

While highlighting the purpose

of his visit to District Khyber, Mahmood Khan stated that they all are

there to apprise people about the

schemes and projects initiated

by the government for their benefit and to get their feedback regarding these projects. He made it

clear that fast track development

of merged areas was the top most

priority of the provincial government and judicious utilisation of

resources would be ensured for

the purpose.

He announced on this occasion

that provision of stipends to children of martyrs would soon be

started, stating that tribal people

would be recruited against the vacancies in merged areas.