KARACHI                    -                  For prevention of Corona Virus, utilization of personnel protective equipment plus hand hygiene were important, said Director Clini­cal Governance & Training (SHCC) Dr Ahmed Raza Kazmi here on Friday.

While speaking at a seminar, held at Zi­auddin University on Corona Virus, director clinical governance & training briefed the au­dience about Infection Prevention & Control Programme of the Sindh Healthcare Commis­sion. He said that mortality rate in patients infected with Corona Virus was 2-3%. He in­formed the audience that currently there was no confirm case of corona virus in Pakistan.

Dr Sara Salman, Head of sub-office Sindh, World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr Osama, Infectious Diseases specialist at Ziauddin Hospital, Dr Samreen Sarfaraz, Consultant on Infectious Disease, Indus Hospital and Dr Raza Kazmi, SHCC were present at the semi­nar. The seminar was chaired by Pro-Chancel­lor Ziauddin University Dr Nida Hussain.

Dr Kazmi said that the government of Paki­stan had framed guidelines for the transpor­tation of suspected cases of Corona Virus from the airport to designated hospitals. “The Sindh government has provided 24/7 ambu­lance service at Karachi airport for the isola­tion of any suspected Corona Virus patient, and three hospitals have been designated for the admission and treatment of any such pa­tient, which are Jinnah Hospital, AKUH and Indus Hospital, Karachi,” he informed.

SHCC will also collaborate with the Sindh Government and write letters to hospitals for supporting the polio campaign.

SHCC CEO Dr Minhaj Qidwai, on the occa­sion, met with Pakistan Islamic Medical As­sociation officials, and encouraged them to plan awareness sessions for their healthcare providers throughout Sindh.

Directorate of Licensing & Accreditation, SHCC received 38 new applications for reg­istration this week. Total number of applica­tions for registration has reached 10,500. Cer­tificates were issued to 5 HCEs’ in this week bringing total number of registration certifi­cates issued to 9466 HCEs’.

The Directorate of Anti-quackery, SHCC sealed 47 clinics in this week. Till date To­tal 3306 Healthcare Establishments (HCEs’) were sealed in Sindh. Total warnings for non-compliance issued to clinics are 1046 till date.

WHO has declared the new Coronavirus a global health emergency:

A virology expert has urged the citizens to protect themselves against the possible threat from the 2019 novel coronavirus in the country, saying that the World Health Organ­isation (WHO) had declared the outbreak a global health emergency.

He said that more than 30,000 people were infected with the virus in China, while more than 600 people had died of the fatal infection. Dr. Muhammad Rashid, a senior research offi­cer at the National Institute of Virology that works under the Dr Panjwani Center for Mo­lecular Medicine and Drug Research (PCMD), University of Karachi, expressed these views while speaking at the public awareness semi­nar on “Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) and Pre­ventive Strategies” held here at the seminar room of Dr Panjwani Center on Friday.

Dr Panjwani Center and Virtual Education Project Pakistan (VEPP) jointly organised the seminar with an objective to raise public awareness about the most important current challenges, which our nation is facing.

Dr Rashid advised the citizens to practice the best hygiene, by washing their hands fre­quently and thoroughly for at least 20 sec­onds, or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.

“The WHO has already declared the out­break of the Coronavirus a global emergency, as the outbreak continues to spread outside China,” he added. He stressed the need for making people aware about the fatal disease, and the preventive measures that could keep them safe against it.

He said that 2019 novel Coronavirus, one of the kinds of viruses, caused viral pneumonia, with symptoms, including cough, fever, and shortness of breath. “In rare cases, it can lead to severe respiratory problems, kidney failure or death,” he informed.

“If someone believes that he or she owns these symptoms and had traveled to Wuhan, China, within 14 days, they must contact their health care provider,’ he said, adding that peo­ple needed to cover their mouths with a tissue while coughing, and then throwing the tissue in the trash.

They need to avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands, he said and added that sick people are required to stay at home. He reiterated that there was no pathological laboratory performing a diag­nostic test in Pakistan for the confirmation of Coronavirus infections.

He said that the first case of the new virus was reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019, while the first death outside China was reported in Philippine. A recent cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan