LAHORE (PR): Activemedia and Foodies R Us have announced the 3rd Season of Pakistan’s biggest food and music event, SOUL Festival (previously COKEFEST) kicked off in Lahore, routed its way to Karachi & now is ready to hit the capital, Islamabad on 7th, 8th & 9th of February at F9 PARK. The event will bring Pakistan’s top eateries and best music together to create a one-of-a-kind experience for its attendees. After 15 overwhelmingly successful festivals over 2 consecutive years, Organizers “Activemedia and Foodies R Us” are now looking to give #FOODFEST, a brand new identity.

This will be the first installment of “SOUL” Festival with a promise of being bigger, better and bolder than its prequels. The festival will feature, not just food and music, but a lot more in terms of festivities, colors, entertainment and fun, promising a perfect day out for families. The SOUL Festival after kicking off in Lahore, made a grand stop in Karachi and is now finally hitting Islamabad. The SOUL Festival offers a variety of cuisines with flavors and delicacies catering to a wide range of audience. Not only do you find a diverse panel of culinary talents but also several home based Foodpreneurs as SOUL Festival prides itself in serving a platform for the promotion of solopreneurs and providing a boost to the homebased food market. #SOUL Festival promises to offer all the season’s freshest flavors ranging from Desi to Continental, Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Thai), Turkish/Lebanese and Italian.

Organized by “Activemedia and Foodies R us”, the #SOULFESTIVAL is sponsored by KASHMIR cooking oil, PSO (digicash), Nestle Everyday & Samsung. Cool n Cool as hygiene partners and Uber, SWVL, Ariel, Carient, Kinetic as co-sponsors.

The most fascinating and awaited part of the event is the music which is where the entire audience comes together swaying to the beat while relishing the great taste of their food. This year, the SOUL Festival promises to give its audience an unforgettable experience with an incredible lineup of musicians, from within and outside Pakistan such as Ali Zafar, Farhan Saeed, Sahara UK, Jost, Natasha Baig, Nabeel Shauqat and other immensely popular local international artists. Furthermore as promised, Soul is bringing a new wave to music by introducing EDM night, first time ever with such an immersive crowd.

When asked to comment, CEO at Activemedia (The Organizer), Saad M. Khan said; “The season 1 of #FOODFEST in 2017 saw the biggest celebration of Pakistani culture with more than 250,000 people enjoying the festival with their loved ones. Season 2 of the #FOODFEST created history and became an international award winning event. We are extremely excited and looking forward to welcome our guests and provide world-class entertainment through more food, more music and even more fun at this 3rd season of #FOODFEST that has a new identity; SOUL Festival.”