Washington (Online) - The US has said that the horrible terrorists' attacks like that of Mumbai is actually harming the cause of Kashmir. "The question of India-Pakistan relations is one that... they have actually made great strides forward in the last couple of years. And obviously, the tensions created by the Mumbai incident made that more difficult right now," Richard Boucher, the US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, said according to a transcript of the media briefing released by the State Department in Washington. When asked if there is an effort to solve the Kashmir issue, Boucher said, "There is always hope. But it has been something that they themselves have pursued." "But I think there is an opportunity here to work together against the groups that are trying to disrupt India-Pakistan relations, against the groups that are actually harming the cause of Kashmir by carrying out these horrible terrorist actions. And hopefully, coming out of that, the two sides will find themselves in a better position to cooperate," Boucher said.