LAHORE - The Wednesday's meeting between Chairman Nazria Pakistan Trust and Editor-in-Chief, The Nation and Nawa-i-Waqt, Majid Nizami and Chaudhry cousins (Shujaat and Pervaiz) is being seen by political observers as a step forward towards the much desired unification among different factions of Pakistan Muslim League. Talking to media after the meeting, Ch Shujaat and Pervaiz Elahi said that they could consider making an alliance with Sharif brothers, but they should first bring about a visible change in their thinking and attitude. "Nawaz Sharif talks about forging an alliance, while Shahbaz Sharif is pursuing a policy of revenge against PML-Q workers," they complained, and alleged that the Punjab government was harassing PML-Q nazims, office bearers and party workers. "When we are being subjected to political victimisation, how can we think of making alliance with Sharif brothers," they asked. They, however, showed their willingness to maintain working relationship with any political party in national interest, saying that national interest was dearer to them than politics. "The country is facing numerous internal and external problems, and to overcome these, we are ready to sit with any party," they observed. "Our party obtained more votes in last general elections compared to the PML-N," they said while replying to a question. When asked to comment on Tuesday's meeting between PML-Q leader Saleem Saifullah and Nawaz Sharif, they said he (Saifullah) met Nawaz in his personal capacity without taking PML-Q top leadership into confidence. Ch Shujaat praised Majid Nizami for his efforts to unite the two leagues, saying his mission was praiseworthy. "He (Majid) never talks in terms of 'N', 'F' and 'Q', and instead wants to see various factions of PML united," he averred. Shujaat also made it clear that it was personal desire of Majid Nizami to unite the PML, and he (Majid) was not representing any other person in the meeting. Ch Pervaiz Elahi on this occasion said, "Majid Nizami believes in Pakistan and whenever he sees the country surrounded by problems, he talks about unification of PML to resolve the issues." He said his party was ready to talk to any political force for the sake of Pakistan.