KABUL (AFP) - Security forces said Wednesday they had killed 50 insurgents in new battles across Afghanistan, but allegations emerged that dozens of civilians had also been killed in military action. Afghan and international forces allied in the fight against Taliban said they were investigating the claims of civilian casualties - a source of tension between the Kabul government and its foreign allies. In one confirmed incident, 11 civilians died when an artillery shell landed on them during a clash between security forces and militants in the southern province of Uruzgan on Monday, the Afghan Interior Ministry said. Police earlier said eight of those killed were women. Interior Ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary said authorities were investigating the incident to determine who fired the shell - the insurgents or the security forces. In the same battle, "12 enemies of peace and stability were killed, including their commander," the Ministry said. The US military said meanwhile that its soldiers had killed 32 "armed insurgents" in an operation on Tuesday against a Taliban cell near the Afghan capital that allegedly carried out bomb attacks against security forces. The toll from the clash in the Alishing district of Laghman province, was one of the heaviest announced in recent weeks for insurgents battling the US-backed government. "Coalition forces killed 32 armed insurgents including one female, detained one suspected militant, and destroyed two large caches of weapons, explosives and roadside bomb materials," it said in a statement. But a member of the elected provincial council, named only Rohullah, said reports delivered to him from the area indicated that 22 civilians had been killed and nine wounded. Four men and a woman were admitted to the provincial hospital with injuries from the fighting, said the head of surgical services, Assadullah Raof. Locals in the southern province of Helmand alleged meanwhile said that 19 villagers, including at least one woman, were killed in raids by international troops early Tuesday. The fighting took place in the northern Baghran district, which is under Taliban control. Afghan government officials said they could not comment on the incident for that reason. Isaf confirmed the operation but said it had "no knowledge of casualties other than the positively identified insurgents." It did not give a specific toll. The troops had landed in helicopters around midnight and raided the adjacent homes of two brothers who were tribal elders in the village of Kafar, said a member of the Helmand provincial council, Mohammad Gul. Nine people, including a woman, were killed in the raid, Gul said. Hours later, the choppers returned and killed 10 people from an adjacent village who had gone to Kafar to see what had happened, Gul said. Resident Ghulam Mohammad gave the same account, saying villagers were "angry and outraged." Elsewhere, troops killed six militants in southwestern Farah province on Wednesday, the US military said.