Fundamental to every successful and enjoyable relationship is well-developed and uncompromised trust. Whether it's a face-to-face meeting or an overseas transmission, communication is a complex process that requires constant attention so that intended messages are sent and received. We are constantly influencing others around us. This may be formally or informally; consciously or unconsciously. To increase the value of our business relationships, we aim for win-win situations. Inadequate communication is the source of conflict and misunderstanding. It interferes with productivity and profitability. Virtually everyone in business has experienced times when they were frustrated because they just couldn't "get through" to someone. They felt as if they were speaking an unknown language or were on a different "wave length." Communicating effectively is much more than just saying or writing the correct words. How we communicate is affected by frame of reference, emotional states, the situation, and preferred styles of communication.-SAYEDA NORLIS ZAHEER, Lahore, January 7.