ISLAMABAD (APP) - The present volume of trade between Pakistan and Kenya is not up to full potential while both countries offer plenty of opportunities to enhance bilateral trade. This was said by Mian Shaukat Masud, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry while talking to Mrs. Mishi Masika Mwatsahu, High Commissioner of Kenya who visited ICCI. The ICCI President said our bilateral trade is limited to certain areas, however,the two countries are blessed with lot of natural resources and offer good opportunities to enhance their business relations by tapping different sectors of the economies of Kenya and Pakistan. He called upon the businessmen of both countries to look for entering joint ventures in different sectors as well as hold trade fairs in each other country for further boosting bilateral trade. He said presently volume of bilateral trade is tilted heavily in favour of Kenya which needs to be made balanced by enhancing Pakistan's exports to Kenya. He said ICCI is building an Export Display Centre where foreign companies will also be given space to display their products and invited Kenyan businessmen & investors to take advantage of this opportunity. Speaking to the business community Mrs. Mishi Masika Mwatsahu said Pakistan and Kenya has historic relations as Pakistan has always supported Kenya in getting independence. She said Pakistani businessmen should consider Kenya an attractive country to tap for investment as Kenya is a gateway for Pakistani investors to enter the big market of 38 African states, which are landlocked to Kenya that has international seaport of Mumbasay. She said Kenya will fully support Pakistani investors in exploring potential areas of investment in Kenya. She said Kenya has established One Stop Window facility for foreign investors to facilitate them and for making business processes easier for them. She said Kenya is endowed with natural resources, but it needs foreign investment to fully exploit and utilize these resources. Therefore, she invited Pakistani investors to take advantage of these business opportunities in Kenya. She said NADRA has already won in open competition to make national identity cards and passports for Kenyan nationals and is performing well in Kenya.