KARACHI - City Nazim Mustafa Kamal Wednesday reviewed the Muharram arrangements across the metropolitan. He visited CDGK camps at Numaish and other areas and later monitored the law and order situation at through the cameras at the Command and Control Room at Civic Centre. On the occasion he said so far 70 cameras had been installed in the facility and that keeping in view the sensitivity regarding the Muharram gatherings of Nishtar Park and MA Jinnah road, 17 cameras had alone been installed there to monitor 'every inch' of the area. He said this system is not only for Muharram-ul-Haram or emergency it would function round the year. He maintained that City Government has made best possible arrangements with regard to Muhrram by establishing six camps at various places, equipped with facilities of fire brigade, doctors, para-medical staff, ambulance, water and sewerage jetting machines. During the visit he directed continuous water supply through tankers with full focus on cleanliness, particularly along the procession routes. On the occasion representatives of organising associations also met the Nazim and thanked him for appropriate arrangements made by City and town governments. Particularly, they said, the people had a sense of security due to 'high-tech' measures taken by the City Govt. Mustafa Kamal said that Haq Parast leadership has given the citizens of Karachi a most modern system of surveillance and would prove to be the best source for the protection of life and property of the law abiding citizens of Karachi.