ISLAMABAD - The sale of DVDs of 'Marsia' and 'Noha' has witnessed an unprecedented rise during the first half of the holy month of Moharramul Harram. The shopkeepers and DVD sellers have set up special stalls of such DVDs to cater to the growing demand of customers. TheNation visited several CD shops in different sectors of the Capital and interviewed a few shopkeepers who reported that a large number of people is increasingly purchasing DVDs of religious hymns during the ongoing month. Besides, people are taking keen interest in such DVDs that narrate a detailed account of Karbala catastrophe and comprehensive details of the unprecedented manifestation of sacrifice. These heart-touching documentaries with the speeches, lectures and sermons of prominent religious scholars are the most watched and heard stock these days. Sheraz Hazarvi, owner of Mega CD Corner in I-8/3, told that he had brought a stock of 200 DVDs from Hall Road Lahore, prior to the start of Moharram-ul-Haram. "I knew that people purchase such DVDs in Moharram with religious spirit. So I brought a stock of 200 DVDs out of which, 170 DVDs have been sold and the rest would be sold soon," he added. Another shopkeeper Shaukat Hameed, operating in the same area maintained that customers were frequently visiting CD shops to purchase DVDs of Noha and Marsia. "Majority of the customers that visit our shops in Moharram consist of those who are interested in purchasing DVDs that underline the religious spirit in the light of ongoing month," he stated while appreciating the spirit of the youths to observe Moharram with solemnity. "It's really encouraging to see that most of the customers who purchase such DVDs are youngsters. Our young generation takes active participation in religious activities," he added. Shopkeepers also reported that the customers, irrespective of any sect, are frequently visiting CD shops to purchase the stock that offers an insight to Karbala tragedy. "Other than Shia Sect, people from others sects are also buying DVDs with religious tone. I know most of my customers, several of them don't come from Shia Sect," said Muneer at Aabpara Market. Ironically, masses don't resort to big CD outlets operating in posh areas of the Capital, owing to increased prices of DVDs offered at such marts. "A detailed DVD, with several volumes, is available at our shop at a price of Rs 80, while the same DVD is available in boutique sectors at Rs 150 to Rs 200. So, people prefer to visit our stalls to get cheaper stock related to Moharram," shopkeepers remarked.