KARACHI - Law enforcement agencies have restricted the movement of some 3,500 suspects of outlawed religious organisations without informing the police stations concerned. It is learnt that Anti-Terrorism Cell Sindh Police have also issued the list of some 20 foreigner's clerics and scholars including Bengalis, Burmese and Afghan nationals. The authorities have directed the law enforcement agencies to monitor the movement of the said clerics and suspects who have allegedly been involved in financing some terrorist groups working inside the country and also in Afghanistan. Source relevant to the matter told The Nation that the said clerics had been sent to various seminaries and mosques including Gidap Town, Quaidabad, Site, North Nazimabad and some other areas. On the other side, suspected activists of Sipah-e-Sahba, Lashker-e-Jahngvi, Jaish Muhammad, Harkut-ul-Mujahideen and other organisations already included in the list of 4th Schedule under Anti-Terrorism Act were strictly bound to move from their areas without the permission of police station concerned. It has also been learnt that the law enforcement agencies have temporarily detained or house-arrested, several suspects mostly released from the prisons after prolong detention, on Muharram's first ten crucial days. Meanwhile, the heavy contingent of law enforcement agencies seemed alert across the City on 9th of Muharram as some 18,000 police officials and over 4,500 Rangers personnel have been deployed across the to maintain law and order situation. It has leant that the law enforcement agencies have warned the secrete intelligence agencies that terrorists have planed to sabotage the Muharram-ul-Harram event and could use some sort of heavy vehicle like oil/water tanker, dumper and other sort of truck for the achievement of their illegitimate objectives. In the aftermaths of the said reports, some 5,000 police personnel and some 3,000 thousand ranger personnel have been deployed on the routes of main City processions and other majalis. Close circuit cameras and monitoring cells have also been installed at the highly sensitive areas of the City. Scores of plainclothes police personnel along with the people of local organisations have been appointed to monitor the main possessions. The law enforcement agencies have erected barricades in the all Shite dominated areas where processions and Majalis are being conducted. It has also been learnt that the Rangers have arrested some five suspects form the limits of Mominabad police station. The alleged terrorists were caught from outside the Hydri Imam Bargha located in Orangi Town. The arrested men were identified as Umar, Iqbal, Anwar, Ziyarat and Javaid. The suspected men were riding a car bearing number AA-9959 when the Rangers personnel intercepted the car and recovered two pistols and other stuff. The concerned Rangers officers declined to give detail of the suspects but confirmed their arrest.