KARACHI - The Federal Government should take the genuine stockholders into confidence before presenting the 'Child Protection Bill' in the parliament. President of Initiator Human Development Foundation (IHDF) Rana Asif Habib demanded this while talking to The Nation on Wednesday. Rana saidthat the NGOs working on the children issues should be asked to participate in presenting the bill in the house as the government had already announced this recently. He said that the National Commission of Child Welfare and Development (NCCWD) and Ministry of Social Welfare in collaboration with Federal Law Ministry are working to prepare bill for its presentation in the parliament within a month. He said the government would have to accommodate recommendations from all the organisations working for the same issue. He also pointed out that the juveniles detained in the prisons, engaged in begging for earning their breads and those involved in different crimes should also be considered in the proposed bill. The government and the authorities concerned should reconsider all the laws which already existed in the country including, "Sindh Children Act" imposed in 1953, "Juvenile Justice System Ordinance", "Bounding Labour System Ordinance" and others to prepare the bill. He urged the government to ratify the United Nations Convention of the Right of the Child (UNCRC) approved in 1990. He said that there was no law for the rehabilitation of the street children in Sindh, while Punjab took the initiative to introduce a law for such children. The previous government had introduced a law of Destitute and Neglected Children Act 2004, but so far no action has been initiated in Sindh. Rana said that thousands of the street children also belonged to Afghanistan and they were living without any shelter. The homeless children were being exploited by different mafias, who use them for begging, drug trafficking and other illegal activities.