ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Wednesday confirmed that Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist involved in Mumbai attacks, is its citizen but not before hours long confusion generated by conflicting statements of top government officials regarding his identity. The Foreign Office Spokesman, Muhammad Sadiq revealed to the media Wednesday evening that Kasab was a Pakistani citizen, it had been established by the investigating agencies, which had given their report to the Foreign Ministry. Before the final word by Foreign Office on the identity of Kasab, the State Minister for Interior, Tasnim Ahmed Qureshi told different news channels and representatives of newspapers that he could say with authority that Kasab was not Pakistani citizen and the Mumbai attack was a drama staged by the Indians themselves. Even, Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir told the CNN-IBN that as of now he could only say that Pakistan's investigation was continuing and it could not be confirmed that Kasab was a Pakistani. All this controversy about Kasab's identity started with the statement by National Security Advisor General (Retd) Mehmood Ali Durrani who said that investigations by Pakistan showed that the terrorist arrested alive by Indian police was a Pakistani. He was approached to comment on the reports by some news channels that Kasab was a Pakistani citizen quoting unnamed Pakistani officials early in the morning. However, State Minister for Interior and Foreign Secretary took no time to belie the statement by Durrani thus creating bewilderment and confusion. The mystery deepens further with a short statement made by Information Minister Sherry Rehman who sent a text message to journalists in admission of Kasab's identity as a Pakistani citizen. Before her statement, the Foreign Office Spokesman, in his initial reaction, said that investigations into Mumbai attacks and Kasab's identity were still going on and hence no final word on his identity could be given. Nevertheless hours later he came up with a final statement that cleared the confusion but still left so many serious questions unanswered with most important one about the communication gap between the top government functionaries on an important national matter. Agencies add: "The top official said the investigations had started soon after the initial reports had suggested that Ajmal Kasab may possibly be a Pakistani national," the channel said. "However, the authorities wanted to be doubly sure of his identity as there existed no record of Kasab and his family in the National Data Base which is maintained by NADRA. Details of the preliminary investigations submitted to the government have still not been made public," it added. The official said Kasab is the son of Amir Kasab and Mrs Noor Illahi. The sources further said that Pakistan will not extend legal aid to Ajmal Kasab despite his request for the same. The identity of other militants killed in Mumbai carnage is yet to be established but senior security officials told the channel that preliminary investigations 'have established that these militants were operating on their own and had absolutely no link with any section of the country's security apparatus. A formal announcement in this regard is expected in the next few days," the channel said.