PARIS Hilton wants to name her first daughter London. The 27-year-old blonde heiress is keen to have children by 2011 and is planning a large brood. She said: "I'd love to have children in the next two years. I'd like three or four. I want a boy first, to watch over my girls, and I'll name my first girl London - I love that name." The socialite - who split with Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden in November - also revealed she wants to raise her children in Britain. She said: "I would like to move here one day and raise my kids in the U.K. so that they have British accents and manners." Until then, Paris says she'll keep living like she always has. She added to Glamour magazine: "I get half a million just to show up at parties. My life is, like, really, really fun. There are a lot of great things about being me. The day before I came to the U.K., I spent 30,000 [around $44,000]." - EXPO