AFTER putting the PPP on the mat for failing to remove the 17th amendment and 58(2)b, the PML(N) has decided to take the initiative itself. It has prepared draft of a bill but instead of taking a solo flight has decided to send it to all political parties represented in the Parliament for discussion. The draft would be finalised on Monday after feedback from these parties. While the exercise would be welcomed by many, it would also be pointed out that if the document had been sent earlier it would have enabled other parties to give detailed consideration to it. The repeal of the 17th amendment and 58(2)b is needed to restore the constitution to its pre-October 1999 position as required under the Charter of Democracy. The system as it exists is quasi Presidential, which is against the letter and spirit of the constitution. One had hoped that the PPP-led government would make a move to redeem the promise it had made in its election manifesto to do away with the constitutional abnormalities. With Mr Zardari as President, the system revolves around his personality while the PM has been turned into a non-entity. All major decisions are taken by him. Most recently, it was the President, and not the PM, who called a high-level meeting to resolve certain issues arising out of the energy crisis and decisions were announced on his behalf. On Tuesday, Mr Zardari visited Kabul for talks with President Karzai rather than Mr Gilani. The PPP leadership maintains it is still committed to striking down the 17th amendment and 58(2)b and that what hinders it in making a move is lack of majority in the Senate which it would possess in March after new Senators are elected. The PML(N) has sent its document among others to the Q-League, MQM and JUI-F. Many expect the PPP to cooperate with the PML(N) in seeking the support of these parties. If some of the legislators from these parties are persuaded to support the document, there would be no need to wait for March.